Saturday, November 9, 2013

(R) We like sports! (^ ▽ ^)

WARNING: There is no point to this post. Don't say I didn't warn you! (° ▽ °)/


Jun and I are pretty active people, and while I've never considered myself a team sports person (gym was the WORST CLASS EVER), I do really enjoying playing sports with Jun.


I like one-person sports, like rock climbing, skiing, etc. But team sports had such a negative connotation for me growing up that even hearing about them now I'm just like noooooooo!!! Truly, I am absolutely awful at sports. I took a tennis class in college once and by the end of the class I was able to hit a third of the balls that came my way (note: not get them over the net), and I was proud of that. Also, I'm so inflexible that I cannot touch my toes. For reals. My one redeeming factor is I have a CORE OF STEEL. I could out-arm plank any one of you. ANY DAY BRO, BRING IT ON.


But Jun loooooves sports and so he's been teaching me how to throw a baseball and how to play badminton. And, despite the fact that American football pretty much doesn't exist in Japan, he also taught me how to throw a football. XD And actually I can throw a football pretty decently now. Like, only 15 feet with my noodle arms, but it's got a beautiful spin. ^^


And I am simple enough that I really, really enjoy just throwing a football back and forth with Jun!! The one shortcoming being that we don't own a football...
Anyway, the first time Jun visited me in America, we spent the day at a family friend's house and that was actually the first time Jun ever threw a football. I have a clip of it. ^^


I wonder if there are any videos about sports/working out we could make that would interest anyone? I mean it probably wouldn't be until next spring or summer, but just a thought!



  1. This is amazing!!!! Jun-san you're so cool >▽<!!!

  2. He threw so far though!!! OR HIGH. I can't do anything, haha.

  3. That. Was. Far.
    for a throw! and first time!

  4. That was really far! It doesn't even last 4 metres with me xD

  5. That was amazing.

  6. I'm super impressed good job Jun! Also thank you for doing English and Japanese I'm so excited since I read 2 of the paragraphs without looking at the english :D

  7. Oooh that was like soo coool !! Amazing throw Jun !
    And I truly love this new blog :) Keep going guys it's great :D

  8. This blog post totally had a point! Loved it!
    I would also totally like to watch a video of you throwing a football back and forth with Jun. I do really enjoy your educational videos, but for some weird reason I LOVE the ones where you both just hang out together randomly. Maybe because there's so much to learn and see as well.. like Japanese suburbs and malls and - most importantly - kanahebi <3 !! Anyway, thanks so much for sharing all of this!

    Greets from Germany, Elena

  9. So cool! Visit my blog sometime soon you guys! ^_^

  10. Wow, Jun, you could be a quarterback in the NFL. :) That's a beauty of a throw.

  11. For his first time throwing a football, I am very impressed at how far he threw it. I really would be interested in hearing about what the sports culture is like in Japan. If I am correct, I know people are passionate about baseball. I wonder if other sports get their attention as well. Like soccer or badminton. I myself played soccer and baseball when I was a bit fit. Thanks to my friends, I took up badminton and I loved it. It's a good workout too.


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