Wednesday, January 29, 2014

(R) FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions!

Are you guys together?
Yes! We've been married since 2011 and together since 2010.

How old are you?
I was born in 1988 (27 as of this post) and Jun was born in 1989 (26 as of this post).

How tall are you?
Jun is 6'1 / 185cm. I'm 5'5.5 / 166cm

Wait, where are you? What's going on?
We were separated for FOUR YEARS due to a contract with my (Rachel) job in America. We are both now living together and working in Japan.

What are your jobs?
I previously worked as an officer in the United States Air Force. However, we can't really talk about our jobs in Japan due to online crazies who will actually call jvlogger's workplaces to try to get them fired. :/

I want a job in Japan TELL ME HOW
I don't know! I do YouTube! I don't work in Japan!

Did Jun study or live abroad?
No, he only ever went abroad during the times listed above when he visited me.

Well then did he go to an international school or do his parents speak English?
No, he just worked really hard to learn English.

What did you study?
I majored in Asian Studies. Jun majored in British and American English.

What kind of jobs can you get with Asian Studies?
None, really. A relevant job would be related to whether you can speak a foreign language you learned while majoring in Asian Studies. The vast majority of people will not become conversational in Japanese just by taking Japanese language classes in university, so I personally would not bet my future on it. If you want to major in Asian Studies, double major with the other degree being your primary degree. I majored in Asian Studies because I already had a job lined up and it payed me to study Japanese.

Rachel, are you part Japanese or part Asian?
No, I'm a regular American mutt. I don't look Asian in real life. I don't know why people say I look Asian online. o_o

How long did it take you to learn the other language?
Neither of us are fluent. Jun is pretty close. He studied English and used the language intensively with foreign exchange students the past six years. Japanese people are also taught some basic English throughout grade school. I am intermediate in Japanese at best. I started taking Japanese classes about six years ago but I have not put in the effort I should have.

What languages do you speak with each other?
Probably 2/3 English and 1/3 Japanese.

Do you have tips to help me learn Japanese?
Yes. Watch these:
Learn Japanese Online & Free
Advice for Japanese Learners

When are you having babies?!
I don't know!! We're not ready for that yet!!

Does Jun have a brother?
No; he has a younger sister. She's already dating someone.

Rachel do you dye your hair or wear circle lenses?
No. I've worn colored contacts twice and I love them and want to wear them more! I think my brown eyes are boring. :(

What was your marriage ceremony like?
We haven't had one yet. I don't know if we will. It's not very important to us.

Where do you plan on living?
Japan, for the foreseeable future.

How did you come up with your username (MyHusbandisJapanese)?
Jun and I had been talking about making a YouTube vlog for two years but had never been able to come up with a name. At one point Jun jokingly brought up a famous Japanese manga series called "My Darling is a Foreigner" (ダーリンは外国人) and said, "My Husband is Japanese?" We thought it was kind of a funny reference to Japanese pop culture, and people would be able to guess the content of our videos by looking at the name. Plus it was easy to remember. And most of all we really couldn't come up with anything else.

Why did you decide to create a YouTube channel?
There are almost too many reasons to list. We wanted something we could do together while we were apart. We liked the idea of being able to see videos of each other during our long distance. We wanted to do something creative as a hobby. I wanted to give people who wanted to go to Japan information that I had searched for and wasn't able to find. I wanted my family to feel closer to me, since even when I'm in America I'm on the other side of the country. I wanted to be able to practice my speaking skills, since that's always been one of my greatest struggles. And I've always been active online doing something or other--YouTube seemed like a fun next step.

What do you guys like?

Recent books: A Dance with Dragons, the Kingkiller Chronicle, Tokyo Vice,  The Gift of Fear
Music: kpop, American rock
Food: Japanese, Italian
Shows: Project Runway, Archer
Video games: Elder Scrolls series, turn-based RPGs
Likes: Jun, cats, clothes, shoes, hiking, nature, sushi, cupcakes, learning new stuff, spring
Dislikes: big cities, mushy food, winter, surprises, ceremonies, entitlement, self-pity

Recent books: 座右のゲーテ、弘兼憲史+α文庫、プシュケの涙、セイジャの式日、猫鳴り、
                       少女、シアター2、永遠の0、ペンギンハイウェイ、恋文の技術、半落ち、                                      ビブリア古書堂--奇妙な客人、思考の整理学、明日の記憶、インストール
Manga: Austin, ACARIA, Gost in the Shell, Death Note, Hikaru no Go, One-Punch man, Slum Dunk,...(The lists of books and Manga are endless...)
Movies (Shows): Steins gate, The Eternal Zero, Hotarubi no Morie, Nodame Cantabile,...
Video games: Itadaki Street, FFⅧ,Ⅹ, Valkyrie Profile,...
Music:  Ambient Music. Yoko Kanno, Yuu Sakai, Mr.Children, Norah Jones,...
Food: Japanese, Italian or anything that Rachel cooks for me.
Likes (Sports): baseball, badminton, tennis, ping pong
Dislikes: humidity


  1. My reaction to one of the shows you watch in particular:

    She watches Bob's Burgers? YES!

  2. I just liked you tree times more Rachel for the Elder Scrolls :) which is your favorite? I love Morrowind

    1. Morrowind is my favorite, too!! :D The storyline for that one was SO epic. I honestly didn't care much about the stories in Oblivion and Skyrim. Although I had it for the xbox and my file got so large that just SAVING took TWO!!! minutes! And I'm a compulsive saver in games. I saved before doing anything. o_o So that was really annoying, haha. I also don't miss swinging your weapon a hundred times to try to hit something in the very beginning. The cliff racers were pretty annoying, too. But the free levitation and no limit on enchantments... Bring that back pleeeease!

    2. erm.. wait a minute... time out... Jun's response to "Food" --> "anything that Rachel cooks for me" ?!? I thought that Jun was the de factor expert on the gastronomic pleasures of in-home cuisine, or did I miss a change in strategy over time? ;)


    3. @Leland Vandervort
      I cook sometimes. :D Jun cooks most of the time, and sometimes we cook together, but I do cook occasionally. I don't mind it so much when I'm in Japan!

    4. Rachel, you are honestly the most cheery person I have EVER seen. I LOVE IT! Jun, have you played any of the elder scrolls series? (#skyrimfolyfe) Rachel... You guys are relationship goals!

  3. OHHHHH, Rachel, have you seen Archer? I think you'd like it if you like Bob's Burgers (same main VA) and Bones. The first few seasons (of all those shows) are on Netflix! :)

  4. You two look great together!

    I must apologize! I'm one of the people who thought you had some Japanese background.

    I wish you two the best and that you get together permanently really soon!

  5. Jun likes FFVIII! T^T That's my favorite Final Fantasy! So nice to see someone else who likes it! :3 And Elder Scrolls!! ...Can we be best friends? 。◕‿◕。

  6. Hello! I'm going to japan in these dates: 7-25-14 through 8-4-14! Could you please let me know where I should go? Also is love to meet you guys for some lunch or something :D

  7. If Jun likes ambient music he might enjoy Brian Eno. He has a vast collection of this type.

  8. What University does Jun attend? Or is that too personal to ask...

  9. When are you finally going to get your stuff from Korea?

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  11. Omg Rachel. Please let us be best friends! Haha, I can't believe you watch Bob's Burgers. This is just one more thing. We are meant to be friends, honestly. xD

  12. I seriously love you two so much! You inspire me to continue learning Japanese.

  13. Hi, Rachel and Jun! I really like your youtube video and always look forward to the next one ^^ I am going to go to Japan thid July! ^^ I was wondering if you could do a video about how you buy contact lenses (and i dont mean colored) or cutting your hair or how to buy a ticket in the train station. ^^

  14. I'm wondering if you guys have ever had a big argument or misunderstanding due to cultural differences? I'm living in Japan right now, and a lot of my gaijin friends are wary about dating Japanese men because they think they'll be expected to act like the perfect Japanese housewife - have you ever felt that kind of pressure, Rachel? They're also worried that Japan seems to have a "cheating culture", where it's not such a big deal to cheat on your partner. Any thoughts on that?

    From my experience, most Japanese people seem to think it would be too troublesome to date (or especially marry!) a foreigner. But you two seem to be a great example of how well it can work out!

  15. Was getting married difficult or a ton of paperwork? How long did it take?

  16. AH! You two are such cool people!

  17. Now that clears a lot of things up!

    By the way, may I abuse of your superior japanese skills? Can you make a video teaching how to count in japanese? I'm studying it and its so hard :( may be you found an easy way to learn it. :)

  18. Rachel and Jun,
    My girlfriend and I have been watching your videos on YouTube and decided to subscribe to your channel. I'm Canadian and she's Japanese. Although your FAQ is very informative, we're still curious about something: how, when, and why did you decide to get married? Did you have a wedding ceremony or anything along those lines?
    P.S. Jun's sister is super weird. She's totally 無表情(笑)

  19. Hi, Rachel and Jun. I love your videos. I was studying about Japan in school, and I was really interested. They helped me learn alot. After that, I also started learning japanese. It's really hard, but I am getting the hang of it. ありがとございます!
    P.S. Jun, I love Final Fantasy X, too! It is my favorite!

  20. hey! I just wanted to say that it must be super hard being away from your husband. Hugs. I can't imagine how much you must miss him.

    Also, I just watched your video where you talk about catcalling in America. I HATE THIS! I'm so sorry you had/have to go through this form of sexual harassment! It's so wrong! Those men are pigs and should treat women with so much more respect.

    I love your videos and your hair and you are so pretty!!

  21. Hello Rachel and Jun! I just want to say I absolutely love your videos! Rachel, you have given me all of the motivation I need to go to Japan. I'm going to go there and earn my degree. It's my husband's dream to always go there also, so I'm sure he won't have any objections. :P Jun, you have inspired me to try more Japanese food, because the food you make looks absolutely amazingly delicious! I'm doing my research now and I can't wait to get started! Thank you both so much!

  22. Hello, im not one to do this, and certainly not on rachel and juns blog, but i'm all out of options and I really want to have people, who could relate and get helpful information from my posts, if anybody reading this has any problems in school, bullies, rejection etc. Come to my blog, drop me a question and ill do my very best to try and help you ^.^ thank you for whoever reads this :)

  23. Hello Rachel and Jun! I have one question and I don´t know where to putt it. What do japanese people think about tattoos? I really love Japan and I want to visit it, but I am a little bit scared because I have some Tattoos. I am from Germany and in my city we have many asian people who visit it. Many of them take pictures with me and they say I´m cute, and they say nothing about my tattoos. Only the older one, they looked a little bit scared. :D
    So I really want to know what they are thinking about!!

    bye :>

    1. Hi, I know that some people associate tattoos with the Yakuza. I went to a spa and they wouldn't allow people with tattoos to go in for this reason.

  24. I think you are too young for babies yet
    but someday it will be cool XD

    well maybe don't have the same point of view
    but a 26 and 25 years old have time to decide about something that important

  25. oh gosh I like never do this so I am very nervous, comment I mean or ask questions on peoples blogs because like I don't want to insult someone by accident or like ask a weird question.Umm yeah
    so my question is, because I didn't seen it in your list of FAQ. You guys seem to enjoy blogging, and like doing it to together and you give some really good information I was wondering when you, Rachel, do move to Japan do you guys plan to make your blog more permanate and even make it more of a website than just blogger. You do have a good fan base, I'm not saying do this full time at all, I'm just wondering were you guys plan to go with your blog. Because personally I love Japan, I lived there when I was really little and have a lot of great memories, and I have had a hard time finding a blog like yours that really talks and shows things in Japan. And I am a little picky when it comes to blogs, which is weird in my mind. I know you live in America Rachel, but you guys still do a good job showing things around Japan. I think it is really because I watch Eat Your Kimchi, I was wondering if you guys had plans to do something like Simon and Martina's blog, obviously not the exact same, but I guess the word I'm thinking, more professional? No that doesn't feel right. But your begining videos do remind me a lot of theirs so it just made me curious.
    If that wasn't anywhere near your plan that is COMPLETELY fine, because it is your blog, and you guys are cute and easy to watch and again I like the information you give. But now I feel bad asking this..... I'm so sorry >.< I was just curious because I was looking for a Japanese blog that compared to Eat Your Kimchi. and maybe I'm just not looking right, but you guys reminded me a little of them, so yeah.
    I hope you don't hate me for asking or like if someone has asked you this before I'm so sorry for asking again DX

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  26. I like your channel! It's very informative and you two make such a cute couple ^^. I feel so related to what you guys go through as a couple, my boyfriend and I have been in a long-distance relationship too (I'm from Venezuela, he's from Spain) for over 4 years already and this year we decided we will get married haha. It makes me feel good seeing how other people are also able to have this kind of relationship and that we aren't such weirdos -.-' Keep on making your vids for us and I hope you guys can be together soon :D ♥ ♂♀

  27. How did you and Jun meet?

  28. question: did you do a video on kimonos, i ask because i was wondering if japanese people only wear them for occasions such as festivals and weddings or is it alright to wear them whenever? also why do they have katakana when hiragana is the same? (minus the different characters)

    1. I am not sure if I remember this correctly (I suffered a minor cardiac-associated event that led to complications in my ability to remember and recall certain things), but I believe the use of katakana is for foreign words or, names. The characters are different because katakana is used for words uncommon to the Japanese language.

      I think I remember katakana being used in comics, to indicate that the speaker had an accent (but, again, I am not entirely certain). Katakana is also used for naming animals and plants and when trying to use letters to represent particular sounds (human or, animal).

      At one time, I was given refresher course books from family, to help regain the information I had trouble with, but it is definitely taking a long time and is extremely difficult.

      You will likely get a much better answer, but I really wanted to try to respond and see what I have been able to learn again. So, if this information is not entirely correct (or, even remotely close), I apologize.

    2. its sound correct from what i know (so your memory seem very good) although i was curious why they dont just use hiragana since its the same pronunciation after all, thanks for responding

    3. Sorry to reply to your old comment, I'm sure you have sense already learned all of this but if not I hope this helps:

      "Specifically, it is used for transcription of foreign language words into Japanese and the writing of loan words (collectively gairaigo); for emphasis; to represent onomatopoeia; for technical and scientific terms; and for names of plants, animals, minerals, and often Japanese companies." ~ Wikipedia (

      It also compares it to our use of Italics and bold lettering. :) Same letters, different shapes to extenuate odd words.

      As for the history:(I am not a scholar on the subject, and this is only what I have been able to find online.)
      Possibly It was made by the Buddhist monks as a way of teaching the reading of the complicated kanji in their scriptures. It was meant to be a temporary learning aid. Which may explain why it is now used for emphasis or words that are from another language? Sense there is no Kanji for it, the 'temporary' letters are used to replace what is not there. :)


  30. Hey Rachel and Jun! I just wanted to say thank you so much for posting my fan art of your Facebook page! I'm really glad you like it and I'm sorry it took me so long to even notice you actually did that! I normally don't go on Facebook much and I didn't even realise you had a fan page until my mum showed me and made a comment on my picture... Hehe ^^;
    Well, I now follow it myself, along with my annual check ups on your YouTube videos of course and I just wanted to say that I love you guys and to keep up the great work! Again, thank you heaps for this! It means a lot that you even took the time to acknowledge it and I appreciate that. :)

  31. Thank you for these videos and blog posts, they're fantastic. :) I'd guess the reason people ask about your heritage is your eyes, since the color is very dark and in your videos your eyes seem very wide with very small lids.

  32. レイチェルさんこんにちは。いつも楽しく動画を拝見しています。

    英語音声に日本語字幕を加えられていますが、あれはレイチェルさんの文章でしょうか? ジュンさんの文章でしょうか?




    例えば、「この石は、いつまで待っても金になることはありません。」という文章は、「此の石は、何時まで待っても金に成る事は有りません。」とすることができます。どうですか? 読みにくくありませんか? 特に「いつ」→「何時」は誤りでも当て字でもありませんが、「何時」は「なんじ」とも読めるため、混乱を招きます。時刻のことを言っているようにも取れるのです。


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  34. I love Hikaru No Go. I am so glad Jun does too. I haven't cross many who has seen it.

  35. Rachel, are you actually of jewish descent/herritage?
    I'm German Jew and you look pretty jewish to me :D.

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  37. Rachel & Jun,
    Your series on the culture and customs of Japan has been very helpful, and I am a big fan. The videos and posts you guys make are very helpful, and can also be pretty entertaining. That said, I have a question that I was wondering if you could answer for me. Would you mind explaining the Japanese school system to me, specifically what the difference between “school” and “cram school” is? I’m American, and I just wanted some clarification. If you could get back to me on this, that would be great. Thank you!

  38. Hi,how are you guys? I watched both of your videos! Rachel,you're awesome ^_^!!!

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  40. I love watching your videos and now i found out that you have a blog! :3 I love japan and I love how you manage to make me love it even more. You make such an adorable loving couple and I wish the best for you... I feel like I know since forever, because you make me feel close to you with your videos.
    Un besote desde Venezuela(A huge kiss from Venezuela),


  41. i love yono kanno too ! i like her work in ghost in the shell it was awesome

  42. I don't know where to ask a question so I will ask it here in hopes that perhaps it might be answered when there is time. :)

    I have lately been a interested about what homeschooling is like in Japan. I know you may not have any insight as it is not so common, but if you do I would be very interested in hearing about it!
    I was home-schooled, and love homeschooling. I think that it can be the best way for some children who might not do well in a group environment, or perhaps need a more personalized schooling program. Though I do also know it is not for everyone. ^_^ I am always curious to learn what it is like in other countries. :)

    What do you think of homeschooling?
    What do you know about how it works in Japan?
    (I know this is quite personal, so I apologize if it is rude to you... And please ignore this part if it is unwelcome.)
    Have you ever thought about homeschooling your children if/when you have children?

    That is all, thank you for your time. Also thank you for your videos they are always so fun! I love watching the ones with you together the most, I hope that you can make many more to come! :3


  43. Hello, may I ask where Jun is from? Is he from western Japan (nishi-nihon)?

  44. Hello! How long did it take for both of you to learn a second language?

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  46. I enjoy your blog and clever videos on YouTube. Thank you for all of the work you do for others.

  47. Aaah my God! STEINS;GATE! I freaking love that show! It's the number one on my lost of favorite shows along with Mushishi. I like them both equally.
    Well I couldn't help keeping it in. Hehe
    Keep it up guys.

    1. What do you do there typo?! That's 'list' not 'lost'!! :|

  48. your youtube channel is sugoii ! i really love it when you interviewed the japanese guys. i'm really going to visit japan if my gpa is high enough xD

  49. Hello! Big fan of your channel! I've also been looking at Jun's cooking channel as well and i love Haku's whimsical appearance in all the videos. I am an avid home cooking enthusiast and im looking into buying a new cutting board for my kitchen. I was wondering if you could tell me the brand of the one Jun uses in most of his cooking videos. or where you might have bought it from? Thanks a lot and cheers to the both of you!

  50. I adore kohaku most.
    What's the breed of the cat??

  51. yeah totaly right but despointment it s always in my way ill make it right this time.
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  53. i like both of you ... stay bless ..

  54. Do people ever ask to visit you in Japan when they come for a visit and would you?

  55. Hi Rachel/Jun,

    I've been a long time watcher of your channel and I'm actually going to Japan on my honeymoon and since you guys do a lot of international videos between the US and Japan, I was wondering if I can email you a couple of questions about travel within japan and the cities i'm heading to.


  56. When you find out jun likes Nodame Cantabile as well!!!!!! I do wish the two of you to watch more Japanese tv shows, they are like the bestttttt (even tho they are not very well known). Like Jin, legal high and etc! I really hope you guys can talk more about Japanese books (keigo higashino, haruki murukami), movies and shows! You guys don't have to make videos because I know both of you are busy, but even writing a little about it in the blog would really make me happy! I recently fell in love with your channel (and jun) and I really wish you guys to make more fun videos!

  57. Do you play ESO:TU on Xbox One? If so I would love to play with you! The Elder Scrolls games are my favorites and ever since ESO:TU came out that all I play. I absolutely love the Morrowind DLC that was just released.

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  59. LOL, I was already graduated from High School FOUR YEARS before you were born Rachel. I absolutely LOVE your YouTube channel and all the other places you both are online. Keep up the great work!! :)


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